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4 Rules for Picking Your Wedding Song

Photo by Rebecca Adler Rotenberg

Your first dance is a special moment you share with your groom when the whole world is watching, but it seems as if no one is there. Some of the best pictures from your wedding day, that will capture so much emotion, will be taken during your first dance. So obviously this dance is pretty special, you probably want to pick a special song.
Here are some helpful hints to ensure your wedding song is the right one.

Rule No. 1 – There are No Rules!

There are no actual rules in choosing what wedding song to dance your first dance to. Your wedding song can be whatever you want it to be. It can be fast, slow, old, or new. It really all is up to you!

Photo by Normanphotography.com
Photo by Normanphotography.com

Rule No. 2 – Make it Meaningful

The song you dance to can be anything of you and your fiancés choosing; although it should be something meaningful to the two of you. As discussed above your first dance is a very intimate moment with your new husband, so choosing a song that holds meaning for the two of you will enhance this special part of your wedding.

Rule No. 3 – Don’t Let Other’s Suggestions Deter You from Your Song

As with most decisions for your wedding, you shouldn’t let the opinion of others- including your mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law, change what you want for your day. If you want a fast song that you’re having choreographed, than that is what you should have. If you really want a slow country song, but your father likes rock-in-roll, you should still dance to the country song. The point is your first dance is just that- your first dance.

Photo by Corbis Images
Photo by Corbis Images


Rule No. 4 – Let it Age Gracefully

As I’ve been saying you should always pick something that appeases to you and your fiancé, and no one else. Although, keep in mind that top 20 songs will go out of style and you don’t want to regret your song choice ten years down the line. If there is a song you really like that is popular at the time of your wedding, maybe think about doing a special dance just for the wedding party at some point in the reception, maybe even have it choreographed.