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5 Tips for Your Wedding Day!

Here you are spending months and months preparing for this one special day, but then when it finally comes, you’re hungry and exhausted. Your wedding is a huge event with a lot going on, but you want to take it in and enjoy!

Here are a few tips to keep you dancing the night away, with a smile and all! Because after all, you are the belle of this ball!

6Tip #1- Beauty Sleep Princess

The night before your wedding should not be spent raging at your bachelorette party, schedule that a few weekends before your wedding. It is important to schedule an early rehearsal dinner as well! The night before you wed your handsome prince should be spent sleeping comfortably and relaxing. So take a bubble-bath and crawl into bed early!

7Tip #2- Prep & Pack

Pack up all your essentials for the big day ahead of time. This way if you’re missing anything you may need you have plenty of time to run to the store.

8Tip #3 – The Brides To-Do

Make a list of all the important items you need to remember. This will help keep you organized the morning of and ensure that you have what you need- like the wedding rings!

9Tip #4- Leave a Little Wiggle Room

When you schedule your manicure/pedicure be sure to give yourself ample time to get to the next place on your list. Don’t schedule hair, make-up and nails back-to-back; leave 30 minutes between each appointment in case one runs over. The last thing you want is to be rushed on your day.

10Tip #5 – Eat My Dear

Although you have multiple beauty appointments and ten million things to think about the day of your wedding, be sure to eat! I promise you will still fit into your dress if you eat. Make sure you budget time to have a filling breakfast; maybe make it an outing with your bridesmaids! You need to eat so you can make it down the aisle without fainting. Starving on your big day is just another thing on your mind- and you don’t need that.

These tips will help make your wedding feel like something out of a fairytale; and who doesn’t want that?

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