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5 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Appreciate

Wedding favors give your guests something to look forward to at the end of your fabulous event! And unlike twenty years ago wedding favors consist of much more than Jordan almonds. Although, are wedding favors really evolving to be something more desirable? Or are they still something thrown in a drawer and forgotten about?
Of course you want your wedding favor to appeal to your guests and you surely don’t want to waste money on something others will never even look at again or use. Well we’ve got you covered with five fantastic favors that people will definitely appreciate!

You can spend a lot or you can spend a little, either way it is possible to give favors that won’t go to waste.

#1 – Travelers Cup

Courtesy of Etsy.com

A traveler’s cup can be personalized with your last name or your wedding date or both! Another way to personalize it without your names per se would be to put a short quote such as “Keep Calm & Carry On”, or words such as “love” on the cup. You can choose to get a traveling coffee mug or a traveling cup with a straw for cold drinks. These are useful gifts that people can actually use on their way to work.

#2 – Drink Cozy

Courtesy of Kustom Koozies
Courtesy of Kustom Koozies

This favor will come in handy at cookouts, picnics, outdoor concerts, and sports events. You can get your koozies to match your wedding colors, by doing a chevron print of your two colors for example. Or similar to the traveler’s cups you can put your name, wedding date, or a word or phrase on them. Your guests will love this useful favor, and think you every time they use it!

#3 – Candy Bar

Courtesy of Wedding Wire
Courtesy of Wedding Wire

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?! Offering a candy bar for guests to take along a sweet treat provides you with many opportunities for wedding personalization. For example, offer your favorite treats, or personalize the candy, such as M&M’s, with you and your hubby’s initials. You could also only use candy that matches your wedding colors, or your favorite colors. There possibilities are endless and your guests can enjoy this treat for days after your wedding. Kids and adults alike will appreciate this final token of thanks at your wedding.

#4 – Sunglasses

Courtesy of Aster & Olive Photography
Courtesy of Aster & Olive Photography

Sunglasses are a unique favor but so useful! When was the last time you were driving on a sunny day and wished you had an extra pair of shades to put on? Your guests luckily won’t have to worry about that dilemma; because after attending your wedding they will have that extra pair of sunglasses they can keep in the car for an especially bright day.

#5- Your Own Beer

Courtesy of LA Banquets

For all lovers of craft beer out there, your wedding is your chance to create a beer no one has ever tasted before- literally. You and your significant other can create your own brew of beer as a favor for your wedding, and personalize the label with your names and wedding date. On the back of label be sure to give instructions not to drink the beer until a certain date, so the couple can have good luck! For example, “You may drink this beer on (your 5th wedding anniversary HERE), but do not open any sooner for it is bad luck for the couple”.

Before reading this you probably had no clue what favor to give! Although now you’re probably contemplating giving two of these wonderful favors! A little of this, a little of that mentality is A-Okay because it is your wedding! Have fun choosing favors and make sure to order enough to have one or two as keepsakes- you’ll be glad you did!