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Bridal Bouquets That Will Wow…

The bride’s bouquet can be very costly, especially when using flowers that are not in season. Floral bouquets can also be somewhat boring and too similar to other brides. Often time’s brides will add small touches to spice up their bouquet such as jewels or feathers; but what if you had a bouquet that did not use fresh flowers at all? Below is a link to a blog from theknot.com that features nine different alternative bouquets!

9 Brides Who Skipped the Fresh Flower Bouquet

The nice thing about the bouquets mentioned in the blog above is that most of the bouquets listed won’t die, and they can be kept as long as you’d like them! In fact, you could even hand the bouquet down to your daughter one day! Hopefully this blog gives all of you out there some inspiration to add a corky and unique twist to the traditional floral bouquet all of your guests are expecting. If you’re looking for something even more unique, try combining two ideas from the blog above and create a truly personal bouquet for yourself!