Hot Wedding Themes!

By . August 5th, 2015. Posted in Weddings

A wedding theme is something that shows who you and your partner are. Choosing the right theme is important, it shows more than you think to your guests about who you are. Some trends haven’t changed through the years, but there are some new and exciting trends that you may want to take a look… READ MORE

Fall in Love…. With these Fall-Inspired Wedding Ideas!

By . June 30th, 2015. Posted in Weddings

It is almost July, and before you know it, Fall will be here. Fall is one of the busiest times for couples to get married. The beautiful leaves, warm colors, pumpkins, cool weather… there is just something about Fall that seems so inviting and warm. There are so many amazing Fall inspired wedding ideas out there,… READ MORE

Wedding Vows – Tips & Tricks

By . June 23rd, 2015. Posted in Weddings

It’s Never too Early to Start with your Wedding Vows! Check out these easy tips & tricks to add a personal touch to them: Your wedding vows are the starting point and foundation that you wish to build your relationship upon after saying ‘I do’. Start by answering these simple questions to help you get… READ MORE

How to “Go Green” on Your Wedding Day

By . July 22nd, 2014. Posted in Weddings

Making your wedding a “green” event has nothing to do with color; and it doesn’t have to be hard either. Below are six simple ways you can “go green” on your wedding day and feel good about your weddings small carbon footprint. #1- Use Washable Dishware Even if you have an outdoor reception, don’t buy… READ MORE

Top 10 Wedding Signs to Personalize Your Day

By . July 15th, 2014. Posted in Weddings

Using signs at your wedding add to the decoration and make your guests feel at home. Depending on the size of your venue, signs can also be used to help guide your guests to the proper location. Using signs will set your wedding apart from others, and add a sweet touch to your photos. #1-… READ MORE

Bridal Bouquets That Will Wow…

By . July 10th, 2014. Posted in Weddings

The bride’s bouquet can be very costly, especially when using flowers that are not in season. Floral bouquets can also be somewhat boring and too similar to other brides. Often time’s brides will add small touches to spice up their bouquet such as jewels or feathers; but what if you had a bouquet that did… READ MORE

Unique Touches to Add to Your Wedding Program

By . July 10th, 2014. Posted in Weddings

Wedding programs are not used as often as they once were, but they are another way to commemorate your special day. They also help your guests have an idea of how long the ceremony will last and when they will be escorted in for dinner after cocktail hour. Guests are known to get antsy and… READ MORE

Wedding Venue Checklist

By . July 10th, 2014. Posted in Weddings

The wedding venue you choose should leave a lasting impression on your guests and make you feel like you are the queen of the castle for the evening. Often times, your venue is also your ceremony so it’s important that the venue is special to both you and your groom. Choosing your wedding venue can… READ MORE

Unique Ways to Ask Your Friends to be in Your Wedding

By . July 10th, 2014. Posted in Weddings

Opulent Ornament Use a clear glass ball ornament and fill it with glitter, tissue, or sand matching your wedding colors, and attached to the string holding the ball, should be a tag that says “Will you be my….” Then on the ornament in glitter glue or sharpie you write Maid of Honor, bridesmaid, or flower… READ MORE

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