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Centerpieces for Autumn Weddings You’ll Fall in Love With

The countdown to your wedding is on- three months, 20 days, 15 hours, and seven minutes. Yet, you still do not have a clue what beautiful masterpiece you plan to dazzle your guest with while they eat. You have no centerpiece!

It’s not the end of the world! I’ve seen amazing centerpieces come about just days before the wedding. But in case you don’t want to cut it that close, here are some unique centerpiece ideas for fall weddings!

They range from eclectic and simple, to DIY and elegant.


Take wheat and tie it together with a silk ribbon matching your colors and there you have a simple, rustic centerpiece. You could also use peacock feathers instead of wheat if you wanted a more dramatic look. To give a little variety to the room you could trim the wheat (or feathers) to different lengths and tie each bundle with alternating ribbon colors.

2Mason Jar Mania

Buy mason jars and paint them with a color that matches your wedding colors and pour the paint into the mason jar until it has covered all sides. Let the excess paint run out of the mason jar. When the mason jars have dried you may fill them with a bundle of twigs, and string crystals around the twigs for a touch of sparkle! To add more color you may spray paint the twigs a metallic gold or silver.

3Pumpkin Please

At your local craft store buy pumpkins of your choosing. Then fill the pumpkins with a mix of pine cones and potpourri. To add a personal touch you can buy stickers or use paint to put your initial on the pumpkin, or use the pumpkin to display the table number. This will provide your gets with a non-obtrusive but beautifully-scented centerpiece.

4Bird Cage Beauty

Fill bird cages with the flowers you have chosen for your wedding or with a few battery operated tea lights to give off romantic ambiance for an evening affair. You can use multiple different bird cages or all the same, or use the same but choose two different colors. Perhaps half the tables will have white bird cages and the other half will have soft pink. You could also leave paper and pens at each table and let the guests fill the bird cages with well wishes for the couple.

5Wine Glass Sass

Using a wine glass, fill the wine glass with pinecones and flower petals and sit them upside down with the contents inside the glass; then on top of each wine glass place a battery operated candle. Use two or three wine glasses of various sizes and shapes and place them on each table. You may wish to add a few crystals to each glass around the candles to add elegance.

You now have five unique centerpieces to use for your fall nuptials. Your wedding will blow your guests away, without a doubt. Now you just need to decide which centerpiece you love the most! Do you like what you see? Request more information about Ceresville events here.