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Feel Like a Celeb- Put Your Wedding on the Web!

The World Wide Web is so customizable that you are now able to create your own website for free! You may be asking yourself- why do I need my own website? My answer to you is for your wedding my dear!

Emilypost.com suggests multiple ways to use a website for your wedding. Such as, allowing your guests to RSVP electronically, to post online gift registries, and to share photos after it is all said and done.

Photo Courtesy of Lovepost.com

The article below will help you figure out what to put on your wedding website, and the proper etiquette for the site. Now aren’t you just dying to make your own wedding website? The possibilities for your website are endless. I suggest you grab a glass of wine with your future partner in crime and get to it! Visit the link below to read the full article!

Wedding Website Tips