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How to “Go Green” on Your Wedding Day

Making your wedding a “green” event has nothing to do with color; and it doesn’t have to be hard either. Below are six simple ways you can “go green” on your wedding day and feel good about your weddings small carbon footprint.

#1- Use Washable Dishware

Even if you have an outdoor reception, don’t buy paper products, use actual glassware, cutlery, and plates. You can also rent reusable napkins as well. Even if you’re not concerned with going green, reusable items like these are more aesthetically pleasing than paper products any day.

#2- Paperless Program?

Many brides don’t offer programs anymore; but if you still like the idea of programs but don’t want to purchase programs for all 125 guests then go paperless with it. You can post the program on your wedding website for friends and family to view at any time leading up to or even the day of on their computer or Smartphone. You could also write the program on a glass window pane or a chalkboard too.

#3- The Power is in Your Hands

This one may take some effort but you could seek out a venue that runs off of solar power, or mostly off of solar power. This may cut costs as well because some venues will charge a power fee.

#4- A Drop in the Bucket

If you know your wedding guests are big smokers, make sure your wedding venue has designated spots to throw cigarette butts out rather than on the ground. If they don’t have spots ask if you can bring sand buckets with you to set out. And if you wanted to keep this movement going you could offer the buckets to the venue so they could use them for future events.

#5- Plant Party!

Rather than giving your guests some $5 dollar trinket they’ll never use, give your guests seeds or a small plant they can transfer into the ground or a larger pot one day. You could also give small fruit or veggie plants as well. Maybe send a tomato plant home with every family and paint or write their last name on the pot that is theirs. This may be a bit more expensive, but at least you know it is money well spent.

#6- Radical Recycling

Make sure your wedding venue recycles what they can such as the soda, beer, wine, and liquor bottles and cans they’ve collected during your four-hour open bar. If your venue doesn’t recycle offer to haul the recycling for them.

#7- Sad Send-Off

Many venues specify what you can and cannot use for your send off, but in case they don’t you should be careful what you use. Keep in mind sparklers often get left behind on the ground, rice is not good for birds, and anything that is not biodegradable is not a good idea either. When choosing your send off, bubbles are a good option and they make for great photos (and they won’t get stuck in your hair!).

I hope you find these small changes easy and rewarding when you incorporate them into your wedding plans. Make good choices ladies, they’re much more gratifying.