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Unique Touches to Add to Your Wedding Program

Wedding programs are not used as often as they once were, but they are another way to commemorate your special day. They also help your guests have an idea of how long the ceremony will last and when they will be escorted in for dinner after cocktail hour. Guests are known to get antsy and wedding programs will put them at ease.

There are no rules that say you must have a wedding program, but there is not denying they are a nice touch; and with these unique ideas, your guests are sure to love them!

Picture Perfect

Rather than using all words, add a photo on your programs as well. This gives guests something pretty to look at- You! You can also take a picture of you and your fiancé holding a sign stating the main information for your wedding. Such as, “Logan & Harper’s Nuptials June 25, 2014” or a sign with a sweet quote such as, “Forever & Always”.

Make it a Game!

On one side of the program list random facts about you and your hubby that others would know, and on the other side of the program list pertinent wedding information at the top and the answers underneath. The idea is for your guests to match the facts to either you or your fiancé. If you wanted you could have the DJ read the correct answer during the reception and then offer a surprise goody for the guest who got the most correct.

Fan Sticks

By adding fan sticks to the center of the program you create a handy tool for guests to use for weddings in the summer months and you also now have a double sided program that can be used to execute other ideas on this list. Your guests will greatly appreciate the fan and may even use it as a shade for their face so they can properly see you grace the aisle.

How We Met

To make your programs more personal you could write a small paragraph about how you and your fiancé met as well as when and where if you can remember. You can also add small facts such as what you were drinking or wearing when you met, what was in-style during that time, and what your current obsession was at the time. Guests will get a kick out of this information especially if the two of you have dated for years and trends have changed since.

Bridal Party Recognition

A nice token of appreciation to recognize the members of your wedding party would be to list their names and how you met one another, on one side of your wedding programs. If you don’t want to say how you met, you could provide an interesting fact about them. This information also helps guests to feel more a part of your wedding.

Sack of Sweets

Although you’re guests will get plenty of food the day of your wedding, they always come hungry! So putting your wedding program on a paper bag offers you the opportunity to put a little treat inside for guests. You can put loose gummies of some sort, chocolate, bubble gum, an assortment of items, or your favorite kind of cookie. Guests will be wowed by this small gesture. You can even get creative and use lace trim for the tops of the bags, or use colored bags.

By spicing up your programs, you spice up the entire wedding and you prepare your guests for a lavish evening ahead. Programs are one of the small details that guests notice and appreciate; because who doesn’t love being greeted with something when they first walk into a venue. If you want to save one of these lovely programs you have put so much time into, situate them in a shadow box, along with your veil, garter, and tiara!