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Unique Ways to Ask Your Friends to be in Your Wedding

Opulent Ornament

Use a clear glass ball ornament and fill it with glitter, tissue, or sand matching your wedding colors, and attached to the string holding the ball, should be a tag that says “Will you be my….” Then on the ornament in glitter glue or sharpie you write Maid of Honor, bridesmaid, or flower girl. If you wanted to be more creative you could use uncolored sand and tiny seashells for a beach themed wedding or feathers for a Mardi Gras theme.

Photo Courtesy of Coton-Colors

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Create a wedding day survival kit with nail polish, bobby pins, miniature hair spray bottles, lip-gloss, a small pack of tissues, deodorant, a pack of crackers, and mouth wash. Then on the front of the bag write a sweet message asking your girlfriends to take part in your wedding. For example:

“Love you now and ’til Forever,

Please help us share our special day together”

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Shopping Treasure Hunt

Purchase your girls small favors that they’ll need on the day of your wedding, like the items in the survival kit described above. Have the cashier at each store keep them behind the counter and have your girls go together and get each item from the various stores. On each item give your hunters some hints such as “Save the date”, “This is going to be big”, “You’ll play a very special part”. Then make the last item of the treasure hunt something more expensive, like their gifts for being in your wedding and for that gift wait at the store for your girls to arrive and then present them with the bigger gift and ask them to be in your wedding!

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

A Locket in Your Pocket

Purchase long locket necklaces for all of your girls, and inside fold a small fortune-cookie-size strip of paper asking- “Will you be my bridesmaid”. You can put a picture of yourself with each friend inside the locket, or you could use a pocket watch necklace that has a clock inside. If you use the pocket watch option, the slip of paper could say- “You’re going to need this watch… because a bridesmaid must always be on time to the wedding!”

Photo Courtesy of Etsy
Photo Courtesy of Etsy

All of these unique ideas will excite your bridesmaids even more! Your bridesmaids will gush over every single one of these ideas!