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Why You Should Take First Look Photos

Most likely when your parents wed, tradition held that the bride and groom must not see each other until the ceremony began and the beautiful bride took to the aisle. Many believed it to be taboo if the couple were to see each other before the ceremony. Although in more recent years brides and grooms are not as concerned with following this tradition.

So can you and your groom see each other before the ceremony without cursing the marriage? Of course you can! But the question remains do you want to capture first look photos before your ceremony?

To help you decide, here are some of the positive aspects of taking first look photos. One of which includes being able to capture both you and your soon-to-be husband’s expressions simultaneously when you see each other for the first time. Imagine capturing you and your groom together in warm embrace while seeing each other for the first time. These photos will be better than separate photos taken of you both from two different ends of the aisle, no doubt. Additionally, with first look photos you are able to customize the location and how you set it up. For example, are you each on two different sides of a door? Or are you sneaking up behind one another?

Photography by Caroline Ghetes

Another benefit to first look photos includes being able to share a quiet moment together before the ceremony. The first look photos are between the bride, groom, and photographer. So this is your time to take it all in, shed a few tears, and maybe share letters you wrote for one another. Even though the entire day is about the two of you, there are seldom moments where you both get a minute alone with one another until the ride home at the end of the night.

Photography by Kym Ventola
Photography by Kym Ventola

Lastly, taking first look photos allows you to enjoy your cocktail hour. Because you will have taken photos with your husband prior the ceremony, the time after the ceremony will be mainly spent on bridal party photos which should not take as long. Thus, leaving you more time to mingle with guests and grab a bite to eat.

Photography by Sakura Photography

Hopefully this post makes it easier for all you brides to be. Whether you take the traditional route or take first look photos, your day will be spectacular! Congratulations!